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doors were open to people who would not have been open until talking with me...
"As an award winning attorney, I had credibility in the legal space but was still building it in the entrepreneur space. Being interviewed on a podcast builds my credibility in this space and has opened the door to appointments with people who likely would not have been open to talking with me yet."

Karin Olson
The appearance on the podcast made all the difference in the world...
"After appearing on the Business Leadership Series" podcast, I was the only person considered and hired for a speaking gig to provide motivation to an agency's staff that had suffered first quarter financial challenges... they needed someone to come in and pull the curtain back, tell them what time it was and then tell them what their next move needed to be! The appearance on the podcast made all the difference in the world!"
Arlene Battishill 
I appeared on Create Your Own Life Podcast
"I tried so many ways to sell my online course, spent large chunks of money on ads, and just could not crack the code. But Today I am proud to announce I sold my first course on Jereemy's podcast. I am telling you there is nothing like getting a notification on your phone that says you just sold a $400  course.. It's been exciting at the least. I plan on appearing on many more podcasts to get more of these notifications. One more point I may add it this sale was many months after I appeared further showing me that podcasts are evergreen."
Dennis Langlais
I am Dennis Langlais Extreme Sports Pro-athlete, Business Owner, Now Podcast Host of 
The FIVE Minute Bark.
Dennis is known as a Professional Extreme Sports Pro Athlete World wide.  After his career he was presented with the opportunity to be an inspirational speaking at over 3 thousand appearances earning over 2 million dollars. 

Currently Dennis is the Host of The FIVE Minute Bark Podcast with reaching over 165 countries. Grant Cardone a extremely successful real estate investor and marketer had personally invited Dennis to speak on his show "ASK THE PRO" helping his followers increase their influence sharing tips from his course "Manufacturing Celebrity"